Friday 16 July 2010

Missing the Bouquet, Avoiding the Crush

My glass shall not persuade me I am old,
So long as youth and thou are of one date;
- Sonnet 22, Shakespeare

The first wedding I ever attended was when I was five years old. It was exciting. New dress. I felt important. It was dramatic too - my younger brother, in his excitement, slipped off the sofa he was jumping on, fell against a glass table and cut open the skin near his eye. He was three; he still bears the scar. A memorable first wedding.
I couldn't have known it would be two decades before my next weddings, and then they would come in a rush. Something about that alarming age of thirty. All girlish things at an end and boys no longer the annoying presences in classrooms but worse, future husbands to be obeyed and cherished. I don't know if there is something wrong with me (apart from the hungry Wolf of course) but I don't seem to be able to see him anymore. And when they (the blushing brides) throw the dreaded bouquet over their shoulders, it's all I can do not to run and hide. Maybe I am a coward. But why would anyone want to catch a bride's bouquet? Why??

Husband, if you're out there, you have to find me. And if I am old and grey and full of sleep, it will be entirely your fault.

Meantime, I am enjoying the turbulent freedom of the uncaught bouquets - that deliciously silly teenage phenomenon called Crush. And it's on an actor (eight years younger than me), playing a vampire (eighty years older than me), frozen in time, at the tender age of seventeen... (confused?) and so what if we can never meet? This crush too shall pass, and fast, but not the freedom that goes with it.
And tomorrow, a hen party extravaganza at Chatsworth, where the BBC filmed Pride and Prejudice. You know, the place where Mr Darcy leaps out of his cotton whites and into the (probably freezing) water? Sigh.. literary noblemen, literary vampires, literary perfection... what more does a woman want, thirty years old or not?


  1. He (Darcy/Firth) would be my dream boat too, filmed version anyway. I've lost count of how many times Lesley and I have watched . . .

    May he come and find you. Without all the pride and prejudice, although some good tension makes the romance better, no?

  2. I hope he comes and finds you.
    I loved the image of you running away from thrown bouquets :-)

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  4. Wow Shaista! You are really tslented with words!

    May "he" find you Austen style, hopefully without too many ordeals!

  5. Totally know what you mean. The last wedding I went to, that bouquet was radioactive.

  6. Avoiding the bouquet was not the problem, we didn't have that tradition, avoiding the questions was the most annoying part at weddings, for me, then, before my husband found me:).

    But really, nobody found anybody, it was all in God's control.

    I enjoyed your post. It was cute and fun.

  7. hope the hen party was fun>?

    i had the BEST time with you at james and trishas wedding..

    also love that picture of you walking into the sea


  8. Did I tell you I love your new header? No worry, you are probably the one who will find HIM...let me know when it's the other way around (giggle)

  9. My darling,
    This post makes me laugh. Yes, International Hide and seek.
    He willfind you when you aren't looking or waiting.