Thursday 30 June 2011

Optimism: A Story in Six Words

Young patient: one eyed. Flirting wildly.

Recently, Paulo Coelho challenged his blog readers to write a story in six words - uma historia em 6 palavras - in the spirit of Hemingway, who once wrote: 
'For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.'  
Hemingway called it his best work. Within 35 minutes of the challenge, Coelho had over 350 six word stories. I found it quite difficult! Do you?
But today, at the eye clinic, I saw a young man with his pretty beloved; he was clearly fresh from an accident or some other trauma, bursting with confidence and the ability to flirt passionately with his amour! It was sweet and real, and very inspiring. 

(There was another story - a patient so thrilled with his own existentialism and spiralling darkness of thought, that he found my smiles positively loathsome! And the more he thunder clouded, the more I radiated joie de vivre and bonhomie. Oh dear. Poor man. When I could not endure the rant any longer, I told him to read Thich Nhat Hanh and Victor E. Frankl and scuttled off.)

It was a long day, and I want to thank you for your lovely words of support, encouragement and advice. Optimism is the way - even if the sheep farmer from Hertfordshire may never agree...

Image: Madeleine Calaido Weber 'Flower in Love'


  1. Yes, my dear radiant Shaista, for shining souls like yours, optimism is the way. One day and one step at a time. I love it that you suggested the angry man read Thich Nhat Hanh! Perfect!

  2. a radiant write ... yeah optimism is the way ... thanks for sharing ...

  3. Shaista, I wrote something yesterdayon your interview that you posted mid May. I didn't know how to cut and paste it to this latest entry of yours so I thought I'd make reference to it so if you get a chance you might go back and read it.

    I went into your webpage to read and get to know you a little better after your request for input about 'fear'. It was well worth my effort going back and reading that interview.

    If I could inhale some of your paint to assuage your angst, I would. Your contribution in words and heartfelt sharing has made me a better being. Gracias, muchisimo!

  4. That's 'pain' not 'paint' otherwise you and I would be getting unknowingly high if I meant paint.

  5. lovely post..i am so glad to have found you through reverie. you have an amazing voice. m