Wednesday, 8 July 2015


My beloved father Chotu turned 80 today. It took him by surprise, the age. Suddenly this strange number. You don't expect 80. Weren't you 40 only a few years ago when your first born arrived, bright eyed and cherubic? And now, four grandchildren… but always, the beautiful Perveen by his side.
Happy birthday Popsy!

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  1. A gallant, handsome father, a beautiful mother - beautiful children and grandchildren. Your family could grace a magazine cover, you are all so lovely, with the best smiles! Tell Chotu that I feel the same about the number I will be next birthday - ten years behind him and just as startled and disbelieving. Five minutes ago, I was 40. Ten years go by like a Hallowe'en sparkler...........yoiks.