Sunday 27 March 2016


It comes rushing in with the sun,
the memories of who you were,
who you've always been - and you
want to give thanks for the bread
and the wine, and all the other times
you stood in the sun

but your eyes snag on a shadow
stamped, immovable, on the wall.

(c) Shaista Tayabali, 2016

Image and prompt from Magpie Tales

(It bothers me, to end on shadows and sorrow, but that's the way the poem comes, sometimes. Easter is that way - sorrowful, then joyful. Happy Easter,dear readers 🐣)


  1. Two mysteries Shaista. How do you manage such beautiful photos? And where do you find such piercing words?

    1. Well the first mystery is easily solved - it's from my friend Tess Kincaid's image collection for poetry prompts - the other mystery... we shall discuss when next you come to the conservatory!

  2. light lets us see the shadow. when the light dims to dark, does the shadow remain?
    it is not 'right' or 'wrong', not 'good' or 'bad', it just is.

  3. Thankful for the days in the sun, but sometimes the shadows are part of who we are as well.

  4. For me, the shadow seems more grounding than sad--almost as if the speaker was overwhelmed at first. Very moving and deeply felt.