Friday, 27 March 2020


Over the course of this week, beginning Monday 23rd March, I have had a swathe of texts from the NHS Coronavirus service. The very first one instructed me to stay home for 12 weeks and this morning’s told me to make sure I phone a friend or relative everyday. I’m phoning in this way, through my blog and vlog.

The willow and cherry trees sandwich our home and I try to keep my mind steady. In some ways life is unchanged for me, and in other ways everything is new because everyone else is experiencing it for the first time - this global disorder to the sense your life made to you. I have experienced a microcosm of this disorder every single day for the past twenty years... and still make little sense of it.

So I walk on ... as you do... taking one step at a time.... que sera sera ... except we don’t really believe that, or adhere to it. We don’t want it to be what it will be. We want to make it what we want it to be. Who wins this? The men in power keep speaking in war analogies. No room for softness and gentleness even in this time of great vulnerability. My walks with Dad can only be described as gentle and vulnerable. Especially now that I can’t manage them anymore. I have a heavy cold, cough and sore throat, have re-started antibiotics on the recommendation of my immunologists and need to stay away to protect him, and Mum, for a while.  I’m glad we walked when we could.


  1. So sorry you have such a bad cold, my friend. Sigh, poor you, you dont catch much of a break. Are you staying in your bedroom or in the little cottage to isolate? Yes, do keep checking in, okay? I worry about my friend across the pond. I am staying indoors too. I have ramped up my usual hermity routine even higher and find the days busy between computer, netflix and reading............It will be nice to go outside again, but for now, it feels safest indoors. My grandma swore by hot water, honey and lemon, for congestion...........glad you are on antibiotics. Rest and get better, my friend.

  2. What a beautiful neighbourhood you are walking through. Say hi to your gallant gentlemanly father from Old Blue Eyes. Smiles. He is such a fine and gallant gentleman. Not sure they make them like him any more.........

  3. LOVELY TO SEE YOUR GARDEN, the blossoms, and hear the birdsong! One week - and often, one day - at a time, my friend. Thank you for letting me walk along with you - keep vlogging.