Friday 11 October 2013


'This too shall pass',
my grandmother said,

over and over to me - 

There was always something
that needed comforting

in me.

Yesterday I glanced up
to find a hospital plaque

talking to me - 

'It will pass, whatever it is',
it said, and time looped back

to watch over me.

 © shaista, 2013

Today is the day the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Today is also the 87th birthday of Vietnamese Zen monk and peace embodiment Thich Nhat Hanh. Martin Luther King Jr. strived to put forward Nhat Hanh's name for the Nobel prize in the 60's but time has moved far along from the Vietnam War, and the monk moves in much quieter waters now. 

Without his teachings in my life, my own peace struggle with pain, fear and anxiety would be a sad and terrible failure. The greatest of the lessons has been the simplest - to stay present and if fearlessness is available in the present moment, revel in it, trust it, be grateful for it. It passes. The gratitude and the pain. The fear and the remedy. It passes, whatever it is. For days I had stitches that had worked themselves into such positions that I could neither sleep nor breathe without the constant scratch scratch against the soft inner linings of my eye. I wrote to the surgeon with hope, and two days ago he kindly saw me, plucked out the offending irritants and trimmed others he saw might irritate me in time. Purple stitches they were, caught just in time - he was leaving for China that night to perform complex surgery on a train. Lucky travelling patients, lucky me. Perhaps they don't need prizes and awards, the heroes of our world. They just need to exist. And practice.

images: The Mag


  1. Such a healing space you created radiated here!

    Thanks. Namaste & ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  2. Oh you beautiful girl, you write of pain and HORRIBLE stitches and still lift our hearts with admiration for your radiance. I cant believe - I may choose not to believe - that Thich is 87. How did that happen? I love the dear little novice in the bottom photo. Not just the doctor is a hero, are one of mine!!!!

  3. yes a ripple in a still and quiet pond ripples throughout without a sound. you are that ripple

    I echo Cloudia and Sherry Blue Sky's words

    have a comfortable day

  4. a beautiful post - yes, with time everything will pass. Can't hold on too tightly, even the good and thankfully the bad come and go.

  5. oh! you warm everyone's heart with hope, this present moment that is just here. Thank you.

  6. you are hope
    you sing hope
    you breathe hope
    God bless you.