Monday 7 November 2022


September, October and now into November. This week marks the anniversary of the first week we walked into our Cambridge home, twenty nine years ago. People move houses like chequers on a board nowadays. And here we Tayabali mice are, scuttling up and down our corridors of old.  

Autumn is here, in the crunchiest of golden leaf. Dad can hear it as he strides the lengths. "Posture!" I remind him, half bossy, half loving. And then instantly correct my own. It's easy to turn into a wee gargoyle these days when you are still partially isolating from a virus you have managed to avoid. 

This may change in the near future... I have done the wild and bold thing and booked tickets to Asia for Christmas. I am flying into the future with the least amount of confidence I have ever felt - because since the pandemic began, I have had two vitreous detachments. The second one only occurred last month so my brain has not yet caught up to normalising these maddening floaters and black wasps whizzing across my visual landscape. 

Did you know that anger and depression/ despair are two faces of the same coin? If you could pick, which would you choose? Let me rephrase that... given a choice, you'd pick neither! If you had to pick... which one? One morning I woke up with a clear intent to embark on a PhD in Anger. Women and Anger. I'd have material galore!

Then I heard a quote by Ocean Vuong, "Care is anger evolved." So I'm thinking about it...

Summertime was Dog Central in the Tayabali household. We had Nikei the Italian corgi, Buddy senior the giant Akita, Sandy the miniature cockapoo and most recently I had Tess, an impeccably trained Labrador who had me throwing a ball 8,542 times. "Who's training whom?" said Mum, with perspicacity.

Sammy the cockapoo is still the clear favourite, and treats our home as his - he always has the air of a returning grandson. He continues to give us joy with his therapeutic hypoallergenic cuddly coat, and ability to curl onto my lap even though he doesn't really fit. 

What am I trying to say? Not very much. Just a wave hello from my falling leaf days to yours.

Artists in order: Hilma af Klint, Mary Cassatt, Helen Frankenthaler, Yayoi Kusama


Sherry Blue Sky said...

My heart always lifts when I see you pop up on my blogroll, my friend. It is always lovely to read you and catch a glimpse of one of my favourite families. The stability you enjoy in your Cambridge home reads like a fairy tale to me, having moved almost half a hundred times. I LOVE the sound of all the dogs, especially Sammy, arriving with the air of a favoured grandson. Perfect. Are you a dog minder for many now? If so, I envy you. I go to the local rescue where the dogs are large and coming from abuse, so our walks are teaching them some people are safe, and we arent allowed to play as their anxiety levels are high and behaviour unpredictable. But we do our best. I am sorry to hear about the vitreous detachments, one was bad enough, two is terrible. But I feel JOY that you are going to Asia for Christmas, as you so deserve. Just keep avoiding the virus, please. The waves are wild here right now and I wish you could walk a wild beach with me. I will always regret that came so close to happening, then didnt. Sigh. Take care.

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