About Me

On the first day of January 2009, I started a blog with the intention of recording my poetry online - a reference point for myself as much as the (as yet unknown) reader. When I fell critically ill in February and remained an inpatient until the summer of that year, this blog became my lifeline. I pulled through and kept writing. Here exists an archive of my poetry just as I had hoped, but it is also the place I gather all the disparate threads of the uneasy life of living with chronic illness. This blog taught me how to be heard, how to become my own advocate. It teaches me how to be imaginative whilst living a solitary life.

email: shaistatayabali@gmail.com

twitter: @lupusinflight

instagram: @shaistatayabali

I also write a second blog at www.shaistasbooks.wordpress.com which is a reading library, inspired by friends asking me what I'm reading, and what I recommend. It hasn't been updated very much as my eyes rule the roost where literary visual activity is concerned.


Anonymous said...

I cannot begin to imagine how we adjust to the news that our illness is chronic. I applaud your choice to write and witness. Powerful.

A Filipina Lupus Fighter said...

Like you, as our illness gives me a limited thing to do, so I just make myself enjoy by writing something too, and visiting the blogs of people similar to me (with Lupus) and read their writing too. In this way, I lessen the stress.

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