Sunday 22 June 2014


The clematis are dying in purple paper clusters,
a pretty, dusty, crepuscular fading
of old lace, doilies,
beside the newly hatched delphinium -

only the daisies seem invincible.

© Shaista Tayabali, 2014
image: Sweet Summer, 1912, John William Waterhouse from Magpie Tales

Sunday 8 June 2014


(for Mary Haybittle)

Sometimes you have to catch
the light, just where it falls

beyond the line of blue iris and purple clematis
to where the oak tree stands boundary.

Shade comes too soon, and the blanket
wrapped around your knees reminds you
of the ages yet to come.

An old knit, still holding true
everywhere, except for two

black squares eaten away,
which remind you
the knitter is gone too.

@Shaista Tayabali, 2014

My Maya Angelou collection on the blanket my grandmother knitted.