Friday 6 March 2009

March Update

Dear Blog Readers

Just a brief note to say that Shaista has been admitted to hospital again, and may not be able to post for a while. She asked me to leave this message on her behalf.

Please say hello and leave your messages. They all help. I will read them to her when I can.

Many thanks and I hope life is treating you gently wherever you are.


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ceecee said...

I am thinking of you Shaista and sending you lots of love and best wishes. I hope that you will be home again soon. Many blessings dear friend. You are in my prayers.

Maggie May said...

I am sorry to hear this. Please be sure she has beautiful things to look at and poetry to read.

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Миррослав Б Душанић said...

Get Well Soon!

Anonymous said...

Big BIG hugs my dear Shai. Sending you all my love and Rambini-ness!! Miss ya and take care,

Jé Maverick said...
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ninaf said...

Shaista, get well soon, so you'll be able to send me a note soon. I'd love to hear from you.

Nina, the bad influence... ;)

Jeannette StG said...

Each day is a gift.
Let your gift shine
each day.
Art is calling you,
the stars are twinkling
to get a smile on
your face
ever so slightly.
So pick up your brush
your pencil
to express the freedom
of your mind.

You're in my thoughts and prayers, dear Shaista.

Muznah said...

Dear Shaista,

I wish you great love and great strength. You have our prayers.


A Cuban In London said...

I wish you better, shaista, you're greatly missed.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...


I am a friend of Rizwan's and wanted to send you my best wishes and hope that you feel better soon. I know you have a very loving and close family to give you strength.

I have read your poetry and think it is beautiful and inspiring.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Shaista. Really sorry to hear that you got admitted to hospital again. It's hard to imagine what you are going through but I really wish you all the best.

Life in Japan is getting a bit tougher with the recession but I'm still enjoying it. Will be back in England in April so hope I get to see you then.

I'll be chanting for you!


Anonymous said...


We don't know you personally, but judging by your inspirational and beautiful poetry, it is our loss that this is so.

May you find the strength you need to get through this difficult time with the love and support that surrounds you from your family and friends.

Thinking of you

Andrew and Mel

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaista

Sorry to hear that you are in hospital. We hope that you get out soon and will start blogging again. I am so glad that I discovered your blog!
We are well, waiting for you to come and visit us.
I am praying for you and Aditya is thinking lots of positive of thoughts.

Lots of love
Soph and Aditya

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shaista,

I am sad to hear that you have been admitted to hospital. I have not met you in so many years, but from what Rizwan tells me, you are quite the fighter. I am sure you will fight this as well and recover soon ehough.

My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Much Love,


Anonymous said...

Hi Shaista,

Rizwan recently told me about a blog you had filled with poems and touching thoughts from your highly courageous, spirited flight in life.

I've known DJ Riza, a true Dappa (now if ever there was a word in the dictionary with a worthy and meaningful definition, it's this one), since University (1998).

It's an honour to know Rizwan and through the years has privately shown his deepest desire for your continual wellness, and I know is always there through your tough times. If ever I needed a male companion through the highs and lows he'd be my man. He's a living legend.

Shaista, only knowing the medical implications to Lupus through my wife, who's a dedicated ICU children's nurse and of course through Google search, my dedicated brain. Mechanically Lupus is obviously so terrifying when it sporadically captures you, and losing days of stolen magic each day must be so so tough. I hope the dark days go quickly and the light deservedly brings you back with ease...

Myself and my wife, have both read your journey in poetry - it's clearly touched a lot of hearts and triggered many clear thoughts of others, including ours.

Shaista, although living in Australia (although don't tell my parents I'm living in Australia, they'd be very angry), we may never meet but to read your thoughts online gets my Google brain emotions rolling. We'll continue to send our positive energies down the fat internet pipe and may they charge through your fingertips as you type....

We wish your fight with flight be strong and a journey we can all continue to share online for so much longer.

Love and live forever,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Shaita,

I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful words & thoughts and for opening yourself up to so many people.

Riz is one of my friends here in London and mentioned that you had a blog that was worth reading. I did not expect to be moved to tears by your incredible strength, tenacity and beautiful, beautiful heart.

It's obvious that you have reached many with your writing. Giving others hope and courage and allowing people like me to put a face, a life, a soul to this condition, rather than mere medical definitions.

Thank you for opening my eyes, opening my heart and allowing me to take a glimpse inside the mind of a stunningly talented young woman.

Get well soon, the birds and trees miss you


Anonymous said...

life and world are better with people like you, riz, and sure your sister shaista, even that i haven't meet her yet

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaista,

Your poems were very touching. i feel like i know about you through them.

take care and get well soon

Colourking said...

Hi Shaista,

Got to know of your blog from Rhea, who is a friend of Rizvan's. And having visited it presently, am glad that I was directed to it. You write very well.

I pray to God that you find the strength to overcome your ailment and let the sunshine of your poetry dispel the cloud of your health.

Best wishes and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaista,

Im a friend of Rhea Bhandare's. I read a few of your poems and i thought they were really nice. I wish you all the very best and im sure the lord will give you the strength to overcome this unnatural odd thing:-)...

Do keep writing these poems for the rest of us and i hope you get well soon.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaisataa

your courage will be blessing to mankind's search to conquer science;

your strength is a proof of the beauty in life itself

Prayers and Wishes
Santanov (Rhea's friend)

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaista,

Reading your poems i can feel the exuberance and purity of your soul. I am sure you are God's special girl and He is always there with you through all that you have to face. May your never lack the strength, the faith and the hope. And may love and joy be around you always.

Prayers and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaista

I'm a friend of Rizwans. I've just stumbled on your poetry - to be honest I didnt expect much when Riawan informed me of the blog site, but it is EXCELLENT, for some reason, my girlfriend and I particularly liked Croucos; make sure you return soon to keep writing (btw- also then jumped onto a link to view your father's work - equally resonating). Want to see more, more, more and I am certain we will :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shai!!!

So sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment - wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

Hope to see you soon - are you available on your mobile while you're there? be good to catch up/ hear how you're going.

Thinking of you, lots of love

Oli xx

P.S. Very impressed with the poetry!

Anonymous said...


I hope you are feeling a bit better. I thought I would let you know that Ireland won the Grand Slam in Rugby on Saturday for the first time in 61 years!!!!! We are now ranked third in the world!!!! This may not mean much to you but I was very excited!!!

Sarah XX

Ritwik said...

Dear Shaista,
I have read some of your poems and think you write beautifully.
Also after reading your blogs I realise how tough that it must be. I pray that you get more strength to fight this.
And I must say this is one of the nicest blogs I'v been too. will be checking in regularly.
Please get well soon

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