Tuesday 21 December 2010

Snow Perfect Day

Three days to Christmas. Snow white everywhere. And new flakes beginning to fall as I write. The tree is bedecked. The airports harrassed. My mother is shlepping through the village delivering pressies and cards, in her Eskimo gear. Dad is visiting with his brother. Mine is fast asleep with the flu... after months of travelling around Asia, it's a shock to return to a winter wonderland. Pretty only goes so far. Then, it's just plain cold! So happy to have him home. Hot cold hot cold hot... that's Rizwan with flu. That's me too, without the flu. I was supposed to go in for my second round of treatment, but some mix-up at the hospital means I am now in limbo, not knowing... waiting for the consultant's call, if she calls at all... My soul is in flight, with the peace and blessing of home and hearth and my Big Brother's return, but my body is torn, struggling, trying to decide if earth is worth the fight.

Yesterday was the promised land
where the body found strength
and the soul danced
There was peace for a moment
quiet at the breakfast table.

Then the sun bathed itself  in twilight.
The colours changed
and with the moon the battle resumed.

I am unarmed
as I await my orders,
while another day of stolen magic
lies winking in the promise
of tomorrow.


Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Let me be the first to say that I am glad your big brother is home. Earth is not worth the fight, but he and your Papa and your Mama and all the others are. They need you.

If I could conjure up a BOOSTER shot for you I would walk to your door and administer it myself. You body may be weak, but darling friend, your VOICE is so strong and clear. Your words are precious and worth everything. They will outlast us all.

I adore you Shaista...a feeling more urgent than love.

* said...

Is this your brother, returned home for Christmas? And your kitchen window, made merry? Love them both, dearly, I don't think I need to know your brother (either of them) personally to love them already, as I do your entire family, dear Shaista.

I came across some Brancusi online, one of my artsy meanderings, I get lost for hours, and could only think of Kettle's Yard and the gems there, visited the web site, room to room...I will never forget the memories of that day.

Nil said...

I believe in Ernest Hemingway wrote in "From Whom the Bell Tolls","The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it." It is in human nature to fight or flight. While you may feel and even say flight, forget about this fight remember these are your monkey chatters or what I call super ego men who add doubt to your dreams and desires that come from your inner voice, from the stillness of your mind. The earth is where we all come from and you have been fighting and you will continue that. Have a blessed Christmas and a Merry New Year. Take care and be well.

Juniper said...

Lovely description of family, snow and holidays (the heart gladdening of returns).
May you stay well and here on earth.
Off to face those hassled airports now.
Take care

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful to come here and see your beautiful photos of snow and trees and your wonderful brother. So lovely to be all together. Enjoy every moment. I love what you write about your soul being in flight with the blessings of home...but am saddened by the words that follow. It's okay, Shaista, all will be well. Your poem that follows is absolutely beautiful. You have such a radiant spirit! I'm so glad I found you.

Yin said...

Hope you like the CD - have to confess it's a guess for me as I've only listened to Money Note but i blast it when looking to transcend earthly frustrations so perhaps another temporary lift off the ground? And yeah don't make me remind you of the adoring audience obligations. We ain't goin nowhere...

lupie said...

I know what you mean by "limbo" ...

But, I know god will take care of everything, even at the darkest or "limbo'est" moment....

Worry not ... :) Don't lose that beautiful smile of yours...

All the best for NEW YEAR!

Ruth said...

Don't ever stop being honest, Shaista. Unarmed, or magic stolen, you are still and always beautiful. Such is life, though I always wish you hope.

More Than Meets the I said...

Both you and your writing are beautiful and soulful . I am very happy to have met you here, dear Shaista <3

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