Saturday 25 February 2012

Looking Into The Sun

I can hardly believe it. In my last post, which was admittedly two weeks ago, I was drawing messy I Heart U's in the snow, trailing my fingers across crystalline branches and feeling deeply for the homeless. And suddenly, now, with the sun, there are buds on the cherry and apple trees. Are the seasons playing games with us, or have I simply reached the age at which it is all scurrying by in a tearing hurry?
I walk out into the sun and stand looking into it, daring it to swallow me whole. I wouldn't mind, but it doesn't oblige. It is a cold sun, so I return to the warmth, inside. The pheasants from last week are not to be found and the muntjacs are causing havoc elsewhere.

During my infusion at the hospital earlier this week, I managed to put together the skeleton of a screenplay to be worked on for this semester. The heroine is of course going to be a much improved version of myself, and lucky for her I am creating a rather interesting hero, who shall travel across oceans to find her. There shall be tragedy and comedy and romance... Or as Philip Henslowe, owner of the Rose Theatre says to William Shakespeare, "You see, Will? Comedy. Love, and a bit with a dog. That's what they want."

I recently saw this brief video of starlings dancing - a murmuration; that's what starlings are called when they gather together this way. There are only blackbirds outside my window, but isn't it lovely to know there are always forms of beauty enchanting someone, somewhere?


Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

What I have found in my now waning years; little gestures and playful writings in the snow seem so much more relevant to my soul. The seasons, do, come and go in repose more silently than before. the cinema i see before me seemingly now plays in simple black and white unlike the cinematography of not too long ago. It is not a lamenting soul but one whose valise is open and t-shirts and shorts have been folded.

Can't wait to read or see your script. If it manifests anywhere the delight you have previously shared, it will be a 'grand' success.

have a wonderful day. 'be here now, remember'!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh a screenplay! How wonderful. I love Shakespeare's definition:) And by creating the romance, let us hope you will draw that hero to you in real life. I intend to vicariously enjoy your romance and ultimate wedding, I am such a vampire!

The starling video is amazing - we have starlings here that love to roost up under the eaves and make great messes down the side of the barn....and in Tofino we had shorebirds that flitted and danced about together like these in great swoops - but never in numbers this big. Quite amazing.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

I love the idea of you writing a screenplay. I would also lobby for you to play the pretty you are....
the dancing starlings are glad to see that...but all I want to ask is this::::

Can I be a bridesmaid?

Relyn Lawson said...

How like you to find beauty wherever you are and in whatever circumstance. I love that about you. Be well, my friend.

Ed said...

Really cool to see a Murmuration in progress! Starlings are pretty amazing. Though, don't be too hard on the Blackbird, they're not quite as brainy as the Corvids, but they're fantastic mimics.

We had a Blackbird in the Garden at my old house who used to mimic a Chainsaw and a Car Alarm.

Also, since I'm here apparently to warble about Birds - People used to divine from bird patterns in the sky, using something called Ornithomancy, and alchemy had five basic transformational structures based on Birds.

None of this has anything to do with Starlings, but I am interested to see what you're doing with your Screen play!

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