Sunday 10 February 2013


Was it only yesterday, that mysterious period of time, when I was a butterfly in Bali, my toes hot pink, and my soul snuggled into the villa lounger, glad of shelter from the late morning sun?
And did I really travel from sun to snow to see the last of the winter flowers?
So ends the dramatic Year of the Dragon and heralds the Year of the Black Water Snake...
Ancient wisdom tells us to be careful, cautious, slow and methodical this year... and that Monday is the lucky day of the week for Snakes... Ha! Monday! The world's least loved day!
But never mind Monday. This Sunday is a double celebration day - as paper snakes and red lanterns are twisted around doorways and set off into night skies, we celebrate my mother's birthday. My talented and conscientious mother, who doesn't need this to be the Year of the Snake to be thoughtful and particular about her actions and words. Beautiful is as beautiful does was never truer.

One of the most invaluable lessons my mother taught us was how to learn to share. Everything was shared as equally as possible between my brothers and myself. Across the globe, the nephew, decked in red, is learning to exchange oranges and share school life celebrations of Chinese New Year

and having spent many hours of fake cooking with me, is clearly able to take on a real birthday cake now!

 GONG XI FA CAI my beloveds, and a Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mother!!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I hope your beautiful mother is feted as she so deserves. Truly, you and your family are lovely, Shaista. And I cant believe how big Baby Boy is getting!!!! So nice to see you posting - where did you find snow? were you in Canada?

Ruth said...

Your mother's beauty stuns through the photos, and through you. Happy Birthday to her, and many happy returns of the day. xoxo

Shaista said...

Sherry - the snow was awaiting us in England as soon as we arrived! It was a stunning contrast to a month of sun and palm trees...

I think it is time for me to come to Canada again though... it has been a decade already... so maybe, maybe :)

Shaista said...

Thankyou Ruthie - I'll tell her you think she is beautiful - she won't believe you, but I'll tell her anyway ;) xxxxx

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