Sunday 5 May 2013

FAITH (the other side of the coin)

If I were to marry
it would surely
be springtime in England;

The birds would sing sweetly
all morning and
The sun would shine brightly
                  but ever so gently;

My feet would step lightly
on a carpet of daisies...

White as the blossom
pure as the dove,
My heart full and golden
with love.

- Shaista Tayabali, 2013

Young Woman Picking The Fruit Of Knowledge, 1892, Mary Cassatt (for magpie tales)


The Blog of Bee said...

Well captured. A whimsical fairy like effect.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

That is EXACTLY how I visualize it WHEN it happens - and it will. This I know beyond a doubt.

I love your beautiful banner photo.....this is such a spectacularly photogenic planet, isnt it? And so are you!

Shaista said...

Sherry! It is a spectacularly photographic planet - that was the south west of Ireland - Dingle - just gloriously beautiful..
Maybe I should change my imaginary wedding venue to Ireland!!

Susan Lindquist said...

This is just so sweetly romantic a poem - it is almost like a soft ballad and needs a soft melody to go with it!

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful Writing...

I loved it...!!

I would rather pick the clouds

Tess Kincaid said...

Oh lovely! And I love what you've done with your blog...beautiful...always a treat to see you at Magpie!

Lisa said...

beautiful Shaista, may your prayers come true.

Unknown said...

nice.. love it...

Thanks for sharing...

Warm regards from Paris

Wisnu -

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