Friday 21 June 2013


Tucked away
inside a wooden cabinet,
I find the Tibetan Book
of Living and Dying.

Books can save your life,
some say
they can even help you

In Stanley Park I stand inside
a dead tree;
a hollowed out by time tree;
a rescued by man,
propped up by iron tree;

I feel nothing.

"You are touching time,"
my mother observes,
but the tree
says nothing
to me.

The Big (Living) Tree, Stanley Park, Vancouver, 1924
I have just returned from a brief visit to my family in Vancouver, to spend time with my grandmother who will be ninety this year and has become too frail to travel to her beloved England. I went with my mother, who is an easy travelling companion. Vancouver's trees are a glory - the scent of cedarwood and pine entwined with blue haze of mountains is a balm, but the Hollow Tree made me sad. It is raining in England now, the wisteria is no longer flowering but the roses are out... I like the living. I liked seeing my grandmother's cheeks still blooming...


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I, too, have stood inside that hollow tree and even, in the late 60's, parked a car inside it, before that stopped being allowed. I cant believe you were so close by and I couldnt get to you - I am working like a maniac these days, and am a Wreck. I love your mom saying "you are touching time" are two beauties in the photo!

Shaista said...

I can't believe I was so close and didn't get to give you a hug but sure we will someday. I love that picture of Mom and I too - love how we are each in our favourite colours!! xxx

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

You two are such beauties. Glad to see that you are in touch with one of my favorite amigas, Sherry Blue Sky. I believe Sherry and you have similar spirits.

It's nice to hear of three generations walking in time, ...touching time... together


Relyn Lawson said...

I agree. Books can save your life.

I've been spending a lot of time chilling and not doing much blogging. Till now. I wanted to tell you that I got the Linky going on my Things I Learned In June post. I am hoping you'll want to play along.

Anonymous said...

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