Tuesday 16 August 2016


So there I was minding my own quiet business in the Shire when I received a call from the diversity casting researcher at Channel 4 - she had been reading my blog and was impressed enough to consider me good TV material! Out of all the subjects I could have imagined this TV documentary to be about, the very last would have been a cooking show. I was so taken aback to be scouted for 'Come Dine With Me' that when she asked if I had a few minutes for a questionnaire, I rolled right with it.
So Shy Star, do you give many dinner parties? Er... no.
If an ingredient went missing would you freak out and be super stressed? Er... no?
Who would be your worst nightmare guest? What quality would you hate in a guest? What's your most annoying quality? What would people say is their first impression of you?

And finally, Shy Star, what will you be cooking for us?
By this point I was sweating, brain fried and hysterically laughing - Er... fusion cuisine, I fronted. With lavish amounts of fruit; avocados would feature. How would I entertain my guests to break the ice? Oh, with cocktails and charades, I said peppily, really going with the spirit of the thing. Knowing that when I put the phone down and soberly discussed the 'opportunity' with my parents my surreal encounter would dissipate.

Strange things have happened to me in my life, but this is high up on the list of strangeness. I coulda been a contender, you guys! A few weeks passed after that first call and then another casting researcher approached me yesterday. This time, head more firmly screwed on, I averred, politely but with alacrity. Talking about books, writing poetry or living with lupus, these I shall happily be on TV for - but whipping up four courses of a meal for four strangers and a film crew - almost famous will do nicely, thank you.

Although I am touched that the first lovely casting researcher visited my blog, took the trouble to read me and thought me admirable, I will always much rather be cooked for than cook for - a shame I am learning to take on the chin. My apologies to all my friends, and particularly my cousin Imran, who is still awaiting a dinner invite...

Photos courtesy C.Barrere


Badger’sWoodCoco said...

WONDERFULLY FUNNY post...just read it to Badger who wants to know how you replied to all those questions��

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh, Shy Star, I so love you! This is hilarious! Loved every word. Fame's price comes too high if it involved haute cuisine, LOL.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

love how you developed this into a humorous moment..."the time i was almost famous"

i have read your blog often and have somewhat followed your challenging journey, living with lupus, and would like to confirm to you that in my eyes your are 'famous'.

i have friends or acquaintances, locally or within my community of readers, that have or are dealing with lupus and have referenced you and your blog.

you are an inspiration in not 'famous'

gracias !

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

...(if) not 'famous'.

Sweet Lily said...

"I will always much rather be cooked for than cook for..."
Great minds think alike ;)

Shaista said...

Did he read the email I sent you where I told him just how I answered those questions?! 😂

Shaista said...

Way too high!!!

Shaista said...

Marcoantonio, gracias for your wonderful comment - for all your wonderful comments and support over the years.
I truly appreciate it - and am touched that you reference me to your friends. Always happy to write to and for that purpose.

Shaista said...


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