Thursday 21 September 2017


Carl Brandien Hurricane at Tarpon Bend, September 15, 1945

That rumbling rolling
Coming from thunder sound -
The storm is about to break.

Open the window
And the raindrops wet me,
Forehead, cheek and chin -

Look down to write you
Into a poem, and lightning
Flashes beside me.

The puddles are jumping,
The willow sashaying,
And then just as quick, everything stills.

I turn away. Light candles.
Run a bath of lavender
And lily scented froth.

Sometimes you fear it,
Sometimes you don't -
The thunder rolls back for her audience.

(c) Shaista Tayabali, 2017 for Open Night at Dverse Poets 

Edgar Degas Woman in a Bath Sponging her Leg c.1883


scotthastiepoet said...

"The thunder rolls back for its audience..." I mile what that line does for me a lot. You are an interesting writer methinks, Shaista and I will come back for more....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

A "normal" storm now is easier to handle, given the furies that are swarming in various places. A lavender bath sounds lovely.....sounds like your power didnt go off, at least.

Thotpurge said...

sometimes you fear it, sometimes you don't... absolutely connect with that! Liked your poem!

Sreeja said...

loved the last lines...there is sense of acceptance and peace even though there is thunder...!

brudberg said...

I can feel this being just as much as being safe from a hurricane to handling inner turmoil... how much being soaked in warm water can change.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I love this especially the closing lines. Powerfully written.

marley raine said...

I especially like Stanzas 3 and 5.

Gayle Walters Rose said...

That hurricane painting is just what it looked like here a couple of weeks ago. And how true, sometimes storms leave you fearful other times not. I love your last line...perfect!

Susan Anderson said...

Last lines really deliver!

Frank Hubeny said...

I liked the last line about the thunder rolling back for her audience.

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