Tuesday 26 November 2019


My father always asks, ‘What’s the good news?’
And as you and Dad and I know, finding the good news seems an almost impossible feat these days. Everywhere is humanity in crisis. With each step of seeming progress we strangle ourselves and our planet. For each glimpse of an extraordinary human rights achievement like the UN’s adoption in 1948 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we decimate ourselves with slavery, genocide and war.

Into each troubled time, a prophet emerges. Vilified, of course, by many, but onto these individuals entire nations pin their hopes for action.
So what’s the good news?
Greta is the good news.

In a time of instagram frenzy for likes, and a reality TV show host for President - one who crucially did not sign the Paris Agreement - Greta Thunberg takes personal responsibility for climate change activism. Watching her meet senior officials and instead of playing the smiling game, be the straight talking activist she is, is radical.

There is talk of a Nobel Peace Prize, which makes me think of Malala Yousafzai becoming the global voice of girls’ education, and like Greta, being the daughter of a man who listens and demonstrates no particular ego in sitting beside his daughter as an equal.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh this was SUCH a good interview. Thanks, kiddo. I always know when you post something that I will love it, same with books you read and recommend. I just read Diana Beresford Krueger's To Speak for the Trees. She was given druidic teachings from elderly relatives in Ireland, then became a scientist and botanist, and her studies lead her to understand that trees have CONSCIOUSNESS. (Can you imagine how they feel as the chainsaws shriek?) There is a good video about her life too. Anyway tell your dad SHE has hope for the planet, more than I currently do, at least. It is doable, if people and governments ACT. Urgently, and NOW. Greta gives me hope and young people, who understand the situation and are not blinded by money, power and greed.

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