Friday 24 July 2020


Sometimes it looks like this - 
Crisp white sheets tucked obediently down,

A bird on the cover of a book of poems,
A splash of colour in orange and green -

But outside these curtained walls, a man is shouting
As though the sails of his lungs have sprung 

Free their cells, and every woe, his angst and grievance,
From childhood years to this present moment 

Are billowing and bellowing in merry disobedience 
To the Golden Rule of Silence, in quarantine. 

I gather only this: a man has lost his shoes,
And life will never be restored to him.

It looks like I’m able to read and write but I can’t ... although I did just write this poem! I have been very sick with sepsis most likely caused by haemophilus ... high fever, migraine, vomiting, coughing and more coughing... antibiotics, the wonder of our twentieth century, are doing their work and I hope to climb out of these crisp sheets when the fever decides to stay cool...
For the DVerse Poets Gathering (www.dversepoetscom)


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I am so sorry, Shaista, and concerned. Sepsis is wicked. I am glad it is responding to antibiotics and hope you are home soon. What a year this has been for you. I just walked in to the village and saw a cloud shaped EXACTLY like a bunny: ears, cottontail and all. So cute. I will send him over your way, be watching for him. Smiles.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

By the way, I love your poem, so poignant those lines about the man having lost his shoes, "life will never be restored to him." That is how it must feel, for those battling terrible illness. I hope his shoes are found, at least. Stay safe from other germs while you are in there, my friend.

indybev said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. Sepsis is a nasty adversary, and it's good to hear you're on the healing side. So sorry for the fellow patient. In dire straits, at least one needs to be able to find their shoes, and perhaps his dilemma is only the result of medication!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you have been so ill.I do hope you feel better soon

Mish said...

Well glad to see your poetic muse is still healthy and strong. Take care, Shaista.

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