Thursday 11 May 2023


Plugged in
or plugged out,
no escape.

Even the monastery,
even the future 
of bees -

a stranger 
even cut down 
our trees.

We march to its beat,

© Shaista Tayabali, 2023 (shared at DVerse Open Nights)

What are your thoughts on FOMO? Fear Of Missing Out. It doesn’t feel like a young person’s social media phenomenon. It feels a very real contemplation when we are no longer (just) aware of our own mortality, but also the extinction of our planet and all species. This wire that connects us all, it’s a good thing, I think. But freedom from it… is that even possible anymore? Strangers did really cut down trees at the bottom of our garden one night in the middle of a storm. The next day, the wreckage of living beings, and shredded fences. There was no reason for it, surely, other than improving someone's internet connection? 

But then you type in 'female artist painting the internet' and you find the art of 16 year old Dimitra Milan, and suddenly you are inside a world shared only because of the wire. And I wouldn't miss this for anything. Anything, but those fallen trees.

(For more of Milan's work, here is the original link at Bored Panda and her current work.)


ben Alexander said...

How sad a poem, but how lovely a write this is, Shaista...


Paul John Dear said...

I guess by asking the question through the 'wire' you kinda answered it too. A thoughtful piece of writing.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So sad, the loss of those trees. We are losing the battle to protect the tiny amount of old growth left in B.C. - and in Tofino, in a biosphere region, no less, trees are coming down faster than they ever have - as the planet heats up. We already have both wildfires and flooding in B.C. Yet no one hears the words "we must save trees and lower emissions" coming from government. Well. Dont get me started. The art work of this young woman is AMAZING. I especially love the wolfy one, of course. It is always a treat to see you posting.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

This is beautifully written, and all too true.

Mother Wintermoon said...

Tragic but true. Very expressive of our current affairs. The URL at the end is the perfect finishing touch.

paeansunplugged said...

Beautiful but so sad!

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