Monday 16 February 2009

The Celebration

I arrived to conquer
every dream
and mystery
and plan;
This life
of fierce glories
has been
No ordinary Life.
Find me here
at every feast
in all the happy times;
Look up! and smile
and raise a glass
of fine beer or wine.
Store up the jokes
and anecdotes
for when we meet
around the corner
I will be listening
for your laughter.

In memory of Arif Tayabali, beloved family member, who passed away a year ago today. This is the poem I wrote and recited at his funeral.
Arif epitomised cool. Style and kindness radiated from his very being. Meet him but once, and never forget him. We are the lucky ones, who knew him, loved him, remember him in our yesterdays, our todays, our always.
(photo of Father on left, Arif on right. Father's paintings in the background.)


Tess Kincaid said...

"For when we meet around the corner, I will be listening for your laughter."

Lovely tribute.

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