Tuesday 17 March 2009

Something Beautiful

I fall into a cup of tea
with all my heart;
The sun comes out
To join me.

Blue flowers on bone china
all the way from Bengal;
Something beautiful travels far
to be present on my palm.

On my arm a glinting thing,
a golden watch, a hanging charm;
A golden bangle worn and fine,
from my great great grandmother's skin
to mine.

(July 19th, 2008)


Dear Blog Readers, I wrote this last year in one of my favourite spots. In the upstairs conservatory at home. I'm still in hospital after 12 bottles of life saving human immuno-globulins and very painful surgery, so my brother is typing this up for me. You have shared so many beautiful comments and thoughts, I wanted to share something beautiful with you too.


(Please keep your positive thoughts and messages coming and I will continue to pass them on. They all make a difference. Email here or comment below. Many thanks. Rizwan)


Aristarkhos said...

Oi! Got here from the link Rizwan left on FB. Just wanted to say Hello n Get Well Soon for myself, instead of making Rizwan a messenger boy. :)

~ Ashutosh (I wonder if I was put in Blue House because I looked somber.)

Yin said...

Hello Shaista!

Rizwan said you DO like Saki - aha - in which case darn it I've lost an opportunity to introduce someone to Saki. Ah well any chance you've not read R K Narayan (v little I guess) or T H White's short stories?

I hope you can see the sunshine where you are. I bet it will snow again before June but at least for now it finally looks like spring has arrived. I quite like imagining you sitting in sunshine like today's in this poem.

Get better soon and - on the off chance you feel like a laugh and haven't read Jonathan Swift's The Lady's Dressing Room: http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~cpercy/courses/t-swift.htm

Tess Kincaid said...

Beautiful poem! You know how much I love family treasures passed down to be cherished by the next generation.

I said a prayer for you today, Shaista. Rest and be well.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon and also wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patty's Days. Drink some green beer and u'll start feelin better already hon. :P

Tk care of ur self and all you guys are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Get better already cuz the new start trek movie comes out soon and all youz gotta make a family date out of it!!!

PS do try some pranayama if you can find some time.
Love Anuj & Mansi Sharma

Maggie May said...

Hello dear. I'm happy to see an update from you. I hate to hear that you had painful surgery. Be loved and be well.

Lovely poem.

biba said...

Shai, thinking of you and sad that you're not well. thank you for sharing your poem's smile. it reminds me you're wonderful and incredibly resilient. i hope you feel better very soon. much love, biba

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaista,

I apologise I don't know you personally. I'm a friend of Riz's.

I love your poems, you are truly talented. Please keep writing them!

I really admire your courage and strength. Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.

Take care.

With Love,
Vanessa Tong xo

Jeannette StG said...

Dear Shaista,
Glad you are well enough to give your brother some instructions (haha, what are brothers for right? Just kidding, am glad that you have such a good brother!)

Today was St. Patricks Day, named after Patrick who was first a slave in Ireland, but then later became a missionary there, after he had a dream that the people needed him over there.

The thing of St Patrick's day is that you have to wear green otherwise you get pinched!

Rest well and hopefully it won't be long before you can go home! Thinkin about you a lot, dear friend!

Muznah said...

please please sleep loads and take care of yourself and get better. we miss you :)

*hugs and prayers*

Bhavik Patel said...

Hey Shaista,

I'm a friend of Rizwan.

I read poems you wrote and I just loved'em. My best wishes and GET WELL SOON.

Keep writing the beautiful peoms.

Prayers & Love

ceecee said...

Dear Shaista,
I think of you everyday and send you positive thoughts and good wishes to the other side of the world. Get well soon.
Love to you,

A Cuban In London said...

Many thanks for another beautiful poem. I kept coming every day to see if there were any news on your current state. I wish you better, I really do.

Greetings from London.

A Cuban In London said...

Yesterday when I was here I forgot to thank your brother without whose help we would no tbe able to get any news about you. Sorry about the slip.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

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