Saturday 12 December 2009

The Silence of Snow

The Art of War requires armour
and light
The Enemy is more difficult
to find
in shadow
and Stealth is not the style
of the True Hero.

Rather meet
on the white playing field
where red blood shall melt
in the Silence of Snow

And who shall take the lead?
Only the True Hero.

This beautiful illustration was recently sent to
me as a surprise gift by Maia Chavez Larkin, who writes a blog called Une
Envie de Sel
. She simply asked me for my address, et voila! Thankyou Maia!! I do love this piece
of work and I have (typically) stylistically adapted it to myself. I am the
girl with the red ribbon tied around the wolf. In the vain hope that Lupus is no
longer leading me, I am taking the lead.
But notice the ribbon tied intricately around my
own right ankle, and the jaunty lift to the wolf's right leg? I return to hospital on Monday for a week long course of Intravenous Immunoglobulins. So who really wins? Who really leads?
No one knows, in
the silence of snow, who takes the lead and who must follow.


caramelcaramelo said...

you will be in my prayers this week. take good care and keep on smiling. the red thread is beautiful! kenza

RNSANE said...

My dear Shaista,

My thoughts and prayers are with you in the coming week and always. You are such a brave and valiant soul and are a source of encouragement to me when I start to feel sorry for myself.

Tom Bailey said...

I love the art of war book and I like the photo here the red in it makes the photo really come alive.

This reminds me of the quote

"opportunities multiply as they are taken"

The art of war

Ruth said...

I'm sorry you're back in hospital. The illustration is beauty in pain.

Renee said...

You are the true hero darling. You are the warrior.

The painting is beautiful and I believe that you are winning. Lupin the wolf is only lifting his foot up jauntingly to trick you, really he has a deep needle in his paw and dare not put it down.

He is terrified of the meds that are coming on Monday and as he should be.

Oh Shaista you are a beautiful darling.

I hate lupus, I hate it and which it would leave you and Angelique alone.

Love Renee xoox

Renee said...

You are a true hero darling and your poem is beautiful.

I forgot to wish you well in the hospital.

Love Renee xooxo

Renee said...

Me again Shaista, I know total drag.

But I forgot to blow you two kisses.


Cait said...

This is beautiful. Your application of it is vivid, and perfectly fitted.

Your list of thankfulness would be one of heartfelt love and delight in life. I think people who have a lot to deal with and yet keep taking joy in life are those who will see the most beauty.

Unknown said...

Shaista, you have a wonderful and brave spirit and I pray for you, dear friend. All the very best wishes in hospital. HUGs XXX.

Sara said...

May I ask why you are going back? everyone seems to know but me. Silly?

So that will be mutual prayers right? I will be in your thoughts and prayers and you'll be in mine. I think that is beautiful! Don't you think?

Shaista said...

Renee I love all your comments, write more write more!!
But may I disagree with you about the needle in the wolf's paw?
There'll be needles in my paws all week, and if there are needles in the wolf's paw too, that's double needles,double trouble! No no no no no!!!
Confuse him with kindness and kisses I say :)

Shaista said...

Sara, I am in and out of hospital for treatments for my auto-immune illness (Lupus). This time it is a week's course of immuno-antibodies injected into my veins, in the hope it calms the inflammatory activity for a while.
Mutual prayers are the best kind - the opposite of double trouble, double help :)

Maxine said...

Dear Shaista,

you are so very brave. Sending you smiles for the week ahead and stroking the wolf so that he may be calm and docile....

Muznah said...

Your attention to detail is admirable. I really wish that someday I can come to your blog and read about your perfect health and that you'll no longer need to return to the hospital

all my prayers

TheChicGeek said...

Shaista, I'm so sorry to hear you must return to the hospital. You are such a beautiful and brave woman. I love this picture too. It is so sweet and beautiful.
You will be in my prayers for healing and comfort.
Hugs and Love to you Shaista!

Maia said...

Thanks for the honor, S, and thanks for placing such beautiful words beside my painting. You always find the deeper meaning.

And again, you have brought up a point so essential to the human condition. The thing is, as a former cancer victim, I can say that the wolf is always at the door...or is it only his specter? Is it real? Is it an illusion?

Sometimes we are in the lead, and sometimes the wolf is leading us. In our mind, at any rate. But this is true of everyone who lives this human life, not just those of us haunted by life-threatening disease.

The great joy is in those moments when we are able to take the lead and stride purposefully forward, confident in our steps.

Sometimes the wolf is our friend. Sometimes he is our enemy. Sometimes he is the companion who shows us the way out of our worst predicaments.

Those of us who have felt the chill of mortality at an early age know that we always wear that red band (of courage? of fear?) around our ankle. But, is it a blessing or a curse?

Keep striding forward. Life is what we make of it.

Yin said...

Shaista marched to the hospital
step determined, red banner unfurled
Poet aside the warrior now in stride
the wolf must learn to mind her pride
Let the battle be red never mind if it's gory
to her will go the glory, the glory

Mariana Soffer said...

Great poem.
You made me think about who is the real hero, the really brave one.
Well you know that is not the tigger, he is not affraid that is why he does not feel fear, that does not make him brave, the brave one is the little pig who is afraid but faces his dificulties.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful illustration and so meaningful for you. I wish you all the best on your treatments. may you always lead the woof.
I will have to visit Maia's site.

And you if sent me an email, we can talk about the book I made. The one on my website was the first of a now group of 5 I have already made for family and friends, and if you would like one...I would do love to do it for you.

What a pleasure it would be to know you would write your poetry in it :)



Tess Kincaid said...

Beutiful and powerful words to accompany this wonderful illustration, Shaista.

You're in my thoughts this week, dear friend. Take the lead!

Tess Kincaid said...

heehee...that's "beautiful" :^)

Maggie May said...

oh what a wonderful, wonderful gift!!!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

sublime...the poetry of Shiasta and the Art of Maia. my favorite girls... love and kisses.

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