Thursday 4 March 2010

Eye Meditate

Trying to meditate
while we wait,
sardines packed straight
at the eye clinic station

My nerve ends hum
with others' emotions

I breathe in fear
and breathe out tension.

start, and stall
Veterans meet
and greet
"Doris! Over 'ere!"
"Audrey! It's you!
What're you doin' 'ere?"
"Same's you, I expect.
Me eyes, but,
Fancy meetin' you 'ere."

Daylight melts
to a grim fluorescence.

Names are called,
pupils dilate.
We wait.

I continue
to try
to meditate.

This piece is dedicated to Keith Martin, my surgeon, my hero. When my name was finally called and while Keith gazed suspiciously into my foggy dyed eyes, he tossed a small nugget of joy across the tonometer... "I've been reading your prolific blog and I'm impressed." Woo hoo!!!! If only it were de rigeur to fist bump your eminent surgeon. Instead I settle for a demure, "Well, so long as you weren't bored"... while inside I am all glee. Le fruit de la meditation, peut-etre?


Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Oh Oh words, but my heart is struck!

love you little darling

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Hi, Shaista. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I'm here returning the visit, like what I see and have just signed up to follow.

I was very moved by your previous post: "footsteps" so gentle in such a foreboding hall.

Bee said...

Wow. How nice that your surgeon has taken such a personal interest in you.

Sometimes I just love rhyme; it's really effective in this poem. As is that green Egyptian-style eye.

mermaid gallery said...

I followed you through the scenario in the waiting room so well...lovely writing... meditation is such a positive reaction. Nice Doc..but your blog IS wonderful....

Juniper said...

Another captivating poem, once you begin you can not stop till the end. I am consumed with worry for your eyes, what a vital sense to have at risk. I hope your surgeon is gifted, I hope your eyes 'get better' (sounds so vague and shallow) wish I had more specific words to say.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice poem. It is so cool that your doctor enjoys your blog. And I am in agreement.

Kris McCracken said...

Good stuff! I've not the nerve for an eye surgeon.

Maia said...

Oh, that's lovely. That's when you know that your surgeon really thinks about his patient as a person, and that is a wonderful thing indeed. So glad you found yourself a good one! OX

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers and beautiful words my dear friend!



Anonymous said...

Prayer to the third power! I love you!


Aayushi Mehta said...

So well described!!! The feelings and happenings in a Doctor's waiting room...

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Unknown said...

Not surprised your doc loves your blog. You write lovely thoughts - poems and narratives.

Jo said...

I recognize those shades of green as similar to a lovely watercolor card I have on my desk next to my computer. :-)

I'm not at all surprised that your surgeon reads your blog. It's wonderful. He must be very proud of you.

Jeannette StG said...

It's nice to have your surgeon impressed with you -it means he's on your side:)
Sorry haven't visted you for a while -so busy with painting! Now "im going over to your post about Georgia O'Keefe!:) (I'm sometimes compared to her)

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