Thursday 18 November 2010

If (only a love song)

If I dreamed a dream
and that dream was you
I would pray that I dreamed again.

If I schemed a scheme
of incomparable lies
Would you recognise the truth within them?

If I am the bow
that loosens the arrow
Are you the shield or the cushion?

If I am the sugar
in your cup of tea
Would we need a stirrer to sweeten?

If I write the song
and you play the music
Would the words need to be spoken?

If I was a stream
and you were the sea
Forever I'd flow to you unbroken.

- Shaista
This poem marks my 200th blog post. Everyday, somewhere, marks a day of auspicious happenings. Today, one of my oldest childhood friends is donning her red sari as I write, and with her hennaed hands, she will accept a ring, and with her hennaed feet she will walk seven times around fire, and pray.
May their sentiments be auspicious. May they live a graceful life that is full of mutual love and warmth. May they be able to see for a hundred years, live a healthy life for a hundred years and listen to the music of spring for a hundred years.


macK said...

happy 200th shai :)

looking forward to the 1000th

Ruth said...

First, I wish your friend much happiness.

Second, congratulations on 200 posts!

Third, the poem "If (only a love song)" (what a great title) is so very Shaista, with elements of rhythmic and rhyming delight that somehow I imagine as you, flowing in cotton or silk or organza in the wind of your life.

Tess Kincaid said...

What a beautiful tribute to the wedding of your friend. And congratulations on your 200th post! I raise my cup of morning tea in a toast to another lovely 200! xx

Yin said...

Hurray for your blog, hurray for you and hurray for the fact that 200 posts on you still take my breath away! :)

"Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety"

Kenza said...

Namaste sweet one! congratulations on number 200! Your poem is beautiful... very tender... Congratulations for your friend. Your header is marvelous! Take good care my friend.

Jo said...

"May they live a graceful life that is full of mutual love and warmth." Oh, yes ... I hope they do. I wish them much happiness.

I was so happy to see you on my blog today...! Happy 200th post! And 200 more ... and 200 more after that... :-)

Jo said...

P.S. Your poetry is wonderful...!

* said...

Beautiful 200th post. Congrats on your friends wedding.

PS: Any chance Cambridge is a day trip from London? If so, I may be able to take the train out for a visit! Unless you'll (by chance) be in London anytime between 11/28 & 12/3? Keep in touch! :) I'd love to meet up with you & talk words & writing!!

monsoon dreams said...

Congrats on completing 200th post,Shaista.
Wonderful lines!

Helena Malheur said...

Wonderful piece of writing --

"If I dreamed a dream
and that dream was you
I would pray that I dreamed again."

Love the first stanza especially, and your poem is very beautiful and lyrical. I enjoyed this very much.

And happy 200th! Also, best wishes to your friend on her new journey!

Beachanny said...

How beautifully musical - I dreamed a dream of days to come, not days gone by. Is this a ghazal? It doesn't look like others but it has that quality and the sounds and metaphors are delightful. Thank you so much for posting. Thanks, Gay

Arron Shilling said...

CONGRATULATIONS! If you keep blogging - ill keep reading!

Henry Clemmons said...

Happy 200!!! Looking forward to many more. A very well written piece. Congratulations to your friend as well.

Brian Miller said...

really a lovely tribute to your friend...lovely bit of writing...nice flow and congrats on 200!

Claudia said...

wow - congrats on post #200 and a beautiful tribute for your friend's wedding...very nice

Scarlet said...

Your poem is so lyrical to read.

Happy 200th post and keep blogging~

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Lovely poem but I am assuming you haven't posted this as a ghazal.

hedgewitch said...

One of the most melodic and joyful love poems I've experienced. Each tercet is a poem in itself.

Unknown said...

Whimsical and touching write, truly beautiful words to mark the occasions! ~ Rose

Brian Miller said...

hey there did you mean to link this one at dverse? if another just let me know and i will fix for you...

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