Friday 26 August 2011

Bruges: Diary of an Escaping Poet

On a train
all aboard
Cambridge to London Kings
No camera in my pocket
Only paper, pens,
and the lively curiosity
of a mind
ready for travel.
We jet in and out
of tunnels
waiting patiently
for light;
And after Lille
the sun,
wide open
space of green,
and the sweet
forgetful vulnerability
of a girl on a birthday spree,
escaping, free!

Under the dome
of a Basilisk sky
pitted with cloud
and the charge of knights,
a brusque and brutal sun
the teeming hordes
the hungry leonine
summer hordes;
while the captive saints
mourning quieter days.
waking up
washing her streets
readying her lace
sugaring her waffles;

we leave
with little trace.
Most photographs by A.Edward, except occasionally, for Bear Necessities, by me :)


RNSANE said...

I wish you such a joyful birthday, full of treats and and happiness. What fun! I hope my 67th, in two months, will be great. I'm off to India for six months, shortly after it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Sigh. So lovely. Happy times!

More Than Meets the I said...

Happy Birthday, Shaista! There is loveliness here, as always. I've come back from a week in London and I'm so excited! This time I visited Keats House in dreamy Hampstead. Wonderful :)

A said...

happy Birthday beautiful Shaista.

Ginnie Hart said...

I'll say it again: what a perfect place for a birthday celebration! Your post brings a smile to my face. :)

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

I welcome, joyfully, your shared experience. I enjoy the keenness of your sight, the heightened passion of your heartfelt moments, your total sensorial experiences, possibly incited to a level based on your cognizance of the insidious, lupus. I live vicariously through your words and your experiences because I don't have the resources to travel to these wonderful places. It is not out of envy but out of shared joy that I choose to travel with you in these moments. Thank you for sharing. Breathe in the joy! Felis Comple Anos.

* said...

"we leave
with little trace"

Thank you for the photo journey through Bruges, and the waffles, too! Hope your birthday was delightful in every way.

Marion said...

Happy birthday, dear one.

Jeannette StG said...

Brugge is one of those little quaint towns to meander around and enjoy waffles, coffee, whatever fanies you!

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