Tuesday 10 January 2012

Moving Plates

The perfect home
has something sentimental
resting side by side
with the practical.

Everything a meaning,
a memory,
a moment - even the broken,
the chipped china,
but especially the hand woven
crochet craft work
and the little notes
you write yourself -

you leave for us
a forget-me-not trail
winding all the way
to 1939
when the plates
          of your atlas
moved forever.

© Shaista Tayabali, 2012
image prompt from poets united
inspired by Annette Rowntree-Clifford, who was forced to leave Germany and all that was dear when the war broke, and much that was precious was lost forever.


ds said...

So lovely, Shaista. Thank you. (and thank you for your visit the other day) Hand woven/crochet craft work, those little notes...always the details...and the perfect ending, echoing the china at the beginning, and yet, not.

Unknown said...

... the trail of crumbs left behind to help us know what she loved and why...
Lovely, Shaila.

S.E.Ingraham said...

poignant words to go with a heart-wrenching photo ... the details are everything ... nicely done

Amy Perrotti said...

This is a very touching tribute. I love the way you put it into words. Words come hard for me.

When we bought our house which was built in 1947 (old to us) I decided to dedicate the decor to my family. One Grandmother's plates hang on the wall. Souvenirs from around the world from another Grandmother's travels. Shadow boxes with photos of my parents as children and their dearest toys, my Mother's doll, my Father's monkey puppet. :)

Sarah Laurence said...

Lovely poem! I like the image of chipped china being a moment.

The Poet said...

I liked how you portrayed all the little things left behind.
Very moving & vivid post.
Thanks for sharing.

Sorrow Has Entered My Heart

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Hey, kiddo, how are you doing over there across the pond? Hope you are well and happy.

A said...

So beautiful Shaista.

Beth Clifford said...

I notice that this is inspired by my grandmother- I'm so intrigued as to how you came about her story. Did you know her personally?

Shaista said...

Beth, I do know her personally! And wished her a happy birthday today :) I think you might hear of the connection soon - but I haven't been able to write to you as I don't think you've left an email address! Do write again if you'd like to keep in touch xxx

Unknown said...

Just got off the phone with my dad who told me about the connection and how pleased granny was that I'd discovered you! I don't know whether my email address shows up now but if not it's bethclifford@gmail.com xxx

Patent Attorney said...

Gorgeous poem, I really agree with the sentiment!

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