Monday 26 March 2012


You little light,
You joyful face,
You of the wide uncompromising gaze,
You of the wild encompassing grace,

You have faith.

You heal leaving no scar,
no painful trace.

You little acrobat,
You move so fast,
We can hardly keep pace -
Only watch in awe as you
Morph and shift your shape

In and out of this race
And that place;
Listening only for the sounds
Of love's embrace.

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY my darling nephew Rafael!!! If only I could have been there to blow bubbles, and eat cake, but the real gift is this - all that light and love sails right across the oceans, and keeps me buoyant and afloat. In the wake of your smile, in the palm of your hand,
I remain, your devoted
Aunty Shai


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a radiantly beautiful boy, and radiantly happy parents........he is blessed indeed. His entire world is made of love. I wish that for every baby born in this world.......

Shaista said...

So do I Sherry, so do I. There'd be no crime, no hate, no wars, just cake and bubbles and birthdays and books and trees and friendship and LOVE!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This is a beautiful affirmation...we all need love each and every day! You are blessed. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Kenza said...

So touching and so full of light! Like you my dear Shaista. Big kiss to the little Raphael and many more to you.

Oya's Daughter said...

I am slain by the cuteness! Children are so fun at that age, everything delights them. (and being an auntie you can play with them then put him back when you're done - heh, bonus!)

And many happy returns!

Ruth said...

Surrounding Rafael with love as big as the world. Joy!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

A year already!!!????

Yin said...

Many happy returns to little Rafa! X

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