Thursday 25 June 2015


From far away, the call went up. 'To the hill! It's Aunty Shai!' Mind you, I am on the verge of becoming plain Shaista because my niece Eva is getting suspicious that 'Aunty Shai' is not necessarily my grown-up name…. she does not know that I am not necessarily Grown Up.

It's summer. The bees are out. Honeysuckle balms the air. And in Wandlebury, five siblings reunite in dappled English light…


Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

What lovely family pictures! Hope you are enjoying your summer :)

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

wonderful to see you untethered and enjoying nature's embrace and those of some of your love ones. gracias for sharing such loveliness. have a fulfilling moment, day, etc.....

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Such a beautiful family! Those enchanting children are very lucky to be growing up with all of you. Pure loving happiness. Wonderful for the siblings to all be together. Your parents must beam with joy from morning till night!

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