Friday 22 February 2019


The life I wish to live,
lives on the other side of this:

Maribeth removes the cannula 
from the back of my writing hand,
but my nerves still remember Rachel’s
on the inside of my right wrist.

Seen or unseen, these veins connect,
mapped in despair together. 
Mind is the beast to conquer, they say.
Hubris, I say. Body holds equal sway.

Memories exist in the pockets of cells,
passing down the tales.
So nobody forgets. No body forgets.
And the mind is never tamed.

The life I wish to live 
lives on the other side of this.

Perhaps I live it in the wish?

© Shaista Tayabali, 2019

(On the one hand, I am privileged to be taken care of in an excellent teaching hospital by skilful doctors and deeply caring, efficient nurses... on the other... well, on the other ... is a needle in my wrist, a PICC line in my arm, twenty tablets needing to be swallowed... but if I may borrow a third hand - yours - there is also spring... and crocuses... and summer to come... if I am weepy for now, bear with me, as winter bears up till spring.)

(Gathering for Dverse Poets)

12 comments: said...

so nobody forgets
so no body forgets
there is a life on the other side
Beautifully written - especially after I read the explanation. May you find light where you are and may it lead you to the bright side where body and mind shall both be well.

Donna Matthews said...

Beautifully written 💙

Sherry Blue Sky said...

In your eyes, I see the weariness, my friend. The crocuses are a sign of hope - spring after winter, rest after struggle and, hopefully, improved health after this with which to enjoy the warm weather. It is so hard to be young and ill. We bear with you, for sure, up hill and down dale. With crocuses!

Kim M. Russell said...

Weepy or not, Shaista, we are here offering you spring, crocuses and summer in our poetry. I’m happy that you are well looked after. The lines I find really effective are:
‘Seen or unseen, these veins connect,
Mapped in despair together’
‘Memories exist in the pockets of cells,
Passing down the tales.
So nobody forgets. No body forgets.’

Frank Hubeny said...

I like the perspective: "Mind is the beast to conquer" And "I live it in the wish".

Gina said...

Seen or unseen, these veins connect, - love this line. sending you light and love

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully written!❤️

Libby said...

'There is also spring' it's happening, it's scents and evanescent moments call and thrill and sing to us the songs we need to hear.

brudberg said...

Oh the other side of this... your suffering sounds unbearable at times... may spring come soon

robkistner said...

Here’s hoping you find the other side Shaista...

Kerfe said...

Your spirit shines through...yes, spring!

Unknown said...

Beautifully written.
Shaista ❤️🙌 lots of love and respect for you.

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