Friday 9 August 2019


A small brown bird flies close to me.
Yesterday, a butterfly -
- white, monarch -
I scent my grandmother near.

She was not a poet
Nor a deep thinker,
But she liked the quiet,

Which was strange
Because she hated to be bored;
And yet she could sit for hours

On balconies, in conservatories,
With only herself for company,
A book, a ticking clock,
And the sky - ever changing, ever the same.

©Shaista Tayabali, 2019
Inspired by Vera, my beloved grandmother who died a few days after my birthday, six years ago... both our anniversaries are coming up as Vera and I were born only two days apart. Many lifetimes but only two days... 

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H. Hennenburg said...

Grandparents can inspire such powerful love. Your grandmother sounds like the still water that runs deep in your heart. A lovely tribute you’ve written.

Jade Li said...

Pretty lady that you obviously love still very much.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

My heart always gladdens when i see a new post from you on my blogroll. Your grandma, your mother and you - all beauties. My grandma and i were very close, too. I love that she could sit in stillness for hours. Me, too.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice description of your grandmother: "she hated to be bored;
And yet she could sit for hours"

indybev said...

Isn't it wonderful that a small thing (like the butterfly) can awaken the memories stored in the attic of our brains and bring a loved one lost close again?

Jennifer Wagner said...

Shaista, this is a beautiful tribute.

Grace said...

This a lovely tribute and really like the photo too!

Scott Romero said...

Very thoughtful bloog

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