Wednesday 31 March 2021


This morning’s strange dreams were interrupted by a phone call. ‘I’m going to make you very happy,’ said my immunology nurse (after commenting on my sleep roused state). I knew what was coming. ‘You can go back to IVIg at the hospital in two weeks.’ 

Hurrah hurrah! This is what freedom might look like for me. I received the official government letter informing me that as a clinically extremely vulnerable patient, I could stop shielding. All the same, they said, please still take precautions. So it didn’t seem like freedom would look any different. But this ... release from weekly thigh infusions to monthly arm infusions - oh this might spark the cocoon to stretch and poke a wee wing out, test the currents of air, and who knows? Take a small merry flight. Where? Who knows? Tops of trees? How high do butterflies fly anyway? 

Meanwhile, my nephew turned TEN... 

Meanwhile, my friend Suramya sent me E. H. Gombrich’s ‘The Story of Art’, and I am up close and personal with Dürer (hare, 1502) and Rembrandt (1637)... 

Meanwhile, I am life drawing with my mother every week, attending classes on Feminism and Plants (Ecological Decline and the Rise of Witchcraft, anyone?) and this weekend, I shall be in France, in Plum Village, with the Zen Buddhist Nuns of Lower Hamlet, practising mindfulness and reconciliation. Ok, maybe not actual France... France/ Vietnam through a zoom window. We take our freedom where we can, right? 


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh YAY, good news indeed. First, I love the photo of the chair from which you can gaze at the huge forest mural. Awesome. Love the sketches and other interesting things to look at and contemplate..........LOVE that you will "be" at Plum Village. Even on zoom, that is wonderful. It is impossible that Raffi is ten. How can that be? My goodness! Even if you stop shielding, stay very cautious. I just had my first covid shot (Moderna thankfully) and even so will continue to mask and be cautious until most of us are vaccinated and the world feels a little safer. The variants are gaining a foothold, and Canada has been way too slow with the vaccinations.........we have another shutdown happening.......luckily I am quite happy being a hermit. I love my little rooms, and there is a whole beach to gaze at whenever I need to. I am intrigued by Ecological Breakdown and the Rise of Witchcraft. LOL. Sounds like you and your mom are keeping happy and busy. Yay.

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