Monday 30 May 2022


A photo diary of sorts for you … because Aunty Shai is rather fatigued and even the arrangement of words seems beyond me…it’s rain and sun and Sammy the cockapoo and Buddy the Akita, and six weeks (out of three months) with the little mousicles from KL. Two years of catching up with Grandma and Papa and Shai and a house in Cambridge with stairs and attics and books aplenty to get lost in. Imagination is running wild down the corridors and time is now, circular and fleeting all at once. The Jubilee weekend is almost upon us, and an Italian corgi by the name of Queen Nikie may be on the borrowing cards... I may also be travelling very soon, somewhere special. More about that anon... but first, the diary...

Au revoir May, en avant June. May the sun be merciful and the roses aplenty... and may we be well. Be well. 


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