Monday 22 June 2009

In the stardust of a cake (or ten)

After two hours at the eye clinic today, and not very happy news, I decided I needed cake.
So I dragged my mother into town, and sloped off to Starbucks to stock up. After a moment of pure dedicated concentration, I indicated to one of the girls behind the till that I was ready, and started pointing: "Two coconut and raspberry, two lemon valencia..etc". Before I could get to the chocolate decadence, the till was being rung up. Before the chocolate! So I interrupted, politely but firmly, and asked for two chocolate slices too - I was given the oddest look!
I moved over to the till, and asked, "Is this shocking?" and the girl said "Er...yes. We've never had anything like this happen."
I was just buying cake!
I sat at a corner table, waiting for the cakes, feeling like I had to explain myself. So when another girl came up with the bag (a very big bag), I mumbled something about being in hospital, and craving cake, but she cut right across with "They aren't all for you though, are they? You aren't going to eat them BY YOURSELF??"
I thought, what the heck, and grinned blissfully at her. "Yes," said I. "Yes. Yes. Yes!"
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