Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Clutching my loot in the garden yesterday, I was ecstatically happy. "It can't still be your birthday today, can it?" asked a lovely Twitter friend just this minute. But it feels like it. I was dreading this birthday, is the truth of it. My arms are full of a sunshine bouquet from my brother and sister in Singapore, and a purple orchid from Victoria, my mother's best friend, who also whipped up a jammy Victoria sponge cake...
Sunflowers and roses from Mum...
Victoria won't mind me telling you that she made a cake the night before my birthday that didn't quite turn out, so her husband John is eating that one! Sorry John!! 
And er... sorry about this one - but my father insisted on it. Something about the matchy matchy flowers around my neck and on my skirt appealed to the aesthete in him... I am a dutiful daughter so, naturally, I posed ;)

My friend Yin reminds me too, that I have already had miracles - and she is so right. Greedy Lazarus is what I am, demanding miracles all the time. I had mine in 1998, and then again my sight saving miracles in 2005, and then again when I survived in 2009. Shameless I am, Yin!! But what can I say? I love miracles. And birthdays... and at the centre of it all, those two smiling faces who make every day of my life a joyful wonder. They are the real miracles.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I SO LOVE this post - everything so beautiful: you, the flowers, your beautiful outfit, the cake, your dear father's face, and your lovely words. You are a class act, Shaista. I love your saying that your parents make every day a wonder - as you do for them, I have no doubt. May this year bring you only happiness and dreams come true.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You radiate JOY!

Ruth said...

Your love and joy are the sweetest flowers. They push up through the cracked sidewalk! (Thank your father for insisting on the twirly matchy photo.)

Ed Ainsworth said...

Hey Birthday buddy! Glad you had a good day, you seem really happy, which is wonderful. Also, a knock out beauty, which isn't exactly problematic for you either!

Glad you had a good time, and you look like you're feeling better! So, just ride that feeling!

Sara said...

You have such a beautiful smile :) Happy birthday!

Yin said...

Well I kind of actually meant you are a miracle yourself, not because of those close saves but just because :) X

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