Friday, 24 August 2012


Well, I have managed for weeks at home, but now it is time for some intravenous help. Am just too tired and unable to keep up my fluid intake. I hope there are some nice doctors, nurses and patients around me, but I shall know you are all with me, and that makes my burden lighter. Also, there are cakes waiting. Another lovely neighbour brought another lovely cake dripping with chocolate icing - and I don't trust my father round cakes. No, not one bit. He's a lot like Pooh around elevenses, and twelveses and so on.. So you watch over my cakes, and I'll hurry back as soon as my veins pulse with more life.
Come on Tigger... it's easy! Jump!


Teresa M said...

You poor love... I hope that your heart gets a bit lighter with the assistance of the doctors. Hugs and love are with you, and we'll hold the fort until you are back xxx

SERENA said...

Sending you heaps of love and strength from here.. thinking of you all the way darling xx

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Shaista, so sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Am sure they will perk you up at the bad old hospital and I do hope you packed at least two pieces of that cake to take with you!!!!!!! If I didnt live way across the Pond, I would SO come and bring you as many flowers as I could hold in my arms, to cheer you.

Shaista said...

Teresa, Serena and Sherry, thankyou so much. Am on a hepatology ward for the moment, and managed to survive the long night. So its a new day today and hopefully things will begin to lighten soon. All my love, Paddington

Richard said...

Damn that lupus Shaista! But I´m happy for the care that you are getting, and for your indomitable cheer. I get up every day thinking "so far so good," and one reason why is that I will be sharing another of your smiles.

Marion said...

Well, I'm thinking of you, too and as always, hoping for the best.

lupie said...

So sorry you are not well...
Feel better soon Paddington!

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