Monday, 23 September 2013


Hasn't this been the most unexpected summer? A full summer for me, filled with new experiences, most of them wonderful, some sad. I went to the beach with my cousins and 'crabbed' for the first time - humane crabbing - we put 'em all back...
The seagulls were out in force, and the beach huts delectable...
No, I did not leap into the bracing (c-c-c-c-cold) sea, but watched others bravely attempt the waves as I read Plath on the pebbles and chose a few jewel like blue shells. And on another day, when the weather was warmer I toasted my first marshmallows and was offered a quail's egg by my five year old cousin Oli, who also spent the day teaching me about the ways and practises of hornets, dragonflies, and various birds whose names I shamefully cannot remember now (good thing he doesn't read my blog...)

The summer has been full of animals enjoying the heat and the rain too, at Shepreth Wildlife park - a place I'd never been to until the arrival of my nephew...
The days of this precious visit from the Singaporeans has meant a rare reunion of the brothers and myself with babies everywhere and a LOT of 'tories. Most of my nephew's 'tories require someone eating someone else up, but I try to work in some vegetarian tales too - of tigers and leopards eating potatoes and 'trawberries... I have also tried to lightly warn Rafael that I might have to go away to see the doctor, but how can you prepare a two year old for the return of his Aunty Shai with a pirate patch covering one bloody eye? Maybe I could ask the blue eyed surgeon for a friendly Gruffalo patch? Children live entirely in the moment so Rafa will simply have to work it out when he sees me although am not sure how long the operation will take. Wish me luck today, me hearties.


Donna said...

Best of luck lovely Shai.
Happy, positive thoughts are winging their way to you right now.

Gerry Snape said...

lovely lovely southwold ...know it well...great post ...thankyou

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So many wonderful adventures! I love your photos.

I will keep you close in my thoughts and prayers as you go through your surgery, dear girl. May all go exceedingly well, with the very best possible results. Also, my condolences on the loss of your grandma - I am sure you and she were wonderfully close. Grandmas are special people.

Maggie May said...

You are a warrior poet.

Steven Cain said...

Much luck is being wished for you.

Always love the photographs!

kittnoir said...

Beautiful photos. Sending you healing positive vibes x

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