Thursday, 5 February 2015


The sun is setting and it is quite beautiful.
Elsewhere the setting sun is more beautiful. I know this because someone elsewhere has a more powerful camera, and is on holiday in a more tropical place. Or more historical. A pyramid perhaps, or a cave of swimmers.

I was supposed to be somewhere this morning, but a migraine ate my eye. I was dreaming when the doorbell rang, but I cannot remember. I have always lived furiously in my dreams. Once, I kept a dream diary, but then I wondered why.

It was my mother. She brought tulips. She arranged them and made me a cup of tea.

There was snow yesterday, but only a threadbare carpet, nothing to excite my nephew and nieces with. The doorbell rings again. It's the supermarket delivery man. 'Where's your snowman?' he asks. 'Where's the snow?' I counter. A little post-migraine banter. He calls me swee'hear', though he's never met me before. I like it when strangers on the phone call me 'love' or 'darlin'... It comforts me. I like it when my mother calls me Dilly Girl. It derives from Darling Girl, but only she knows how the derivation came about.

I fengshui-ed my flat last night and am sitting on my newly arranged sofa looking at the patch of visible light and branch-webbed sky. Why am I?
The pheasants reply. And I am satisfied.

Dearest, where are you? And will we ever meet? I am melancholic and content. Is this a perfect life?



Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh so lovely. I adore that your mom arrived with tulips and made you tea. Moms always know when a daughter can use a little mothering. And where IS that dilly romantic hero, anyway? He is SO missing out!!!!!

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

living in your dreams can be a positive. ah yes tulips and tea brought to you by someone who unselfishly loves you, 'dilly'.

My good friend Sherry asks..and where IS that dilly romantic hero?
can't you bring him/her in one of your dreams?

dream on dilly

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