Monday 9 February 2015


'...I wanted
the past to go away, I wanted
to leave it, like another country; I wanted
my life to close, and open
like a hinge, like a wing, like the part of the song
where it falls
down over the rocks: an explosion, a discovery;
I wanted
to hurry into the work of my life; I wanted to know,
whoever I was, I was

for a little while…'

- excerpt from 'Dogfish' by Mary Oliver

It's a funny thing being a poet, and reading the poetry of greater poets and finding yourself therein, and wondering what there is left for you to write, but then discovering that you, the small poet, and they, the great poet, are inspired by the same poet, and so you are connected... I discover in a radio interview that Mary Oliver reads Rumi every day. And that her poems have been becoming shorter as a result. Because once you have said the thing, what need is there for further decoration?

Snowdrops make me feel that way. Also tulips in a vase which remind me of the tulip giver, my mother whose birthday it is tomorrow…


Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love Mary Oliver, as you know. We all need to know that we were alive for a little while, and that it mattered. You are an inspiration to me, Shaista. As is your whole beautiful family. My warmest wishes to your mother, as beautiful today as she ever was, on her birthday.

Sherry Blue Sky said...
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

It posted twice for some reason!

Maggie May said...

Influence is a fascination of mine.

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