Friday 8 July 2011

Happy Birthday Dr T!

Last year, on my father's birthday I wrote a post called The Cloths of Heaven. It began, 'On his birthday, my Father says his wishes have come true...', but knowing that he had always wanted five children, I wrote, 'one more marriage should do the trick'; never imagining that a year later, with one more marriage around the corner, my father is about to have his dream five children. (Dear Husband-to-be, you don't quite seem to be included in this accounting. Sorry about that.)

One son and future daughter, just walking the cheetahs, in Africa, you know how that goes...
One son and daughter, just, oh you know, hanging loose with your grandson...
And me, freshly B cell depleted from hospital, tag still on wrist, returned home to find my mother had (clearly) missed me so much she started a new portrait... it's very faint still, only two days old... but maybe now Dad, if you could just add the sixth child to your wishings and hopings, I might snag him with this work-in-progress! Although why do I have the sneaky suspicion that your birthday wish will involve a second grandchild instead?!!
Ah well. Happy Birthday Dr T! A happy birthday indeed.


lupie said...

Happy Birthday Dr. T!!!!!!
Many Happy Returns of the Day!


P:S: Yikes, those are very big cats!
P:SS: Feel better soon!

Daydreamertoo said...

What a lovely blog.
I too have Lupus, it took the doctors five years to actually diagnose it and it's played havoc with me. Mimicking other illness's and giving me all kinds of medical problems that doctors just shake their heads and say "It must be the Lupus". Such a difficult illness for them to understand.
I love the pictures you shared of your family and the lightness of it all.
Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Shaista, how lovely! Tell your dad Blue Skies wishes him a wonderful birthday. Your nephew is beyond adorable. I love your family so much, I wish you would adopt me. Surely, you could use someone in the house that likes to clean and LOVES to babysit????? Hee hee.

Yes, what's with that future son-in-law, still dragging his heels.

I am BLOWN AWAY by the photo of them walking with cheetahs. Such adventures go on in the world, while I sit here peering at my screen.

Glad you are back home...your mom's portrait of you is truly wonderful.

Shaista said...

Bin - thanks for the wishes! It's been a busy day of celebrating a birthday so no time to worry about the Rituximab fevers :)

Shaista said...

Daydreamer - you've exactly identified the problem... I recently wrote an article for a medical journal titled 'It's just your lupus'... It's Not My Lupus!!!
Anyway...glad you like my blog :) Am going to check yours out now x

Shaista said...

Sherry - you would so not do any cleaning!! Put your feet up and chillax :) I'll bring you rose petal tea and we would read some poetry...
P.s. Just drank a tipple of Bristol Cream sherry to toast Dad's birthday ;)


Happy Birthday!!! to you

* said...

Best wishes to you (however belated), dad/Dr. T! At the top of my "to do's" when I revisit England? To share an evening with you.


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

I wrote, 'one more marriage should do the trick'; never imagining that a year later, with one more marriage around the corner, Happy Birthday Messages

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