Wednesday 20 July 2011


(Am heading into hospital again this morning for the second round of Rituximab. The sun is shining shyly, with no hint of what the day may bring. I am scoffing porridge and posting this poem, which I read aloud on radio... my fellow guest responded very hearteningly to it - by shedding tears! Thankyou for 'feeling' the poem Laurence!)

The hours are greater now,
they reach past four and five and six.
The loss is greater now
I've tasted each sweet kiss
of faith, of peace,
of truth, of bliss,
and seen through all the dreary mists
of teams of all the 'ologists.

Radio and Cardio,
Neuro and Nephro,
the Opthalmols
and the Rheumatols,
the Oncols
and the On Calls

and just for larks, the Dentists,
the Pharmacists, the Specialists,

and still I insist
upon the breaking of the dawn,
this Warrior, this poet,
this Shaista must exist.

- 2011



Good luck!

Ruth said...

Oh you lift my heart to the skies with yours! The litany of 'ols' in your pen-ny hand is a body of angel-work, like only you can wield. Here's a feather from the featherhead for your cap, Lady Warrior. Godspeed. And much love.

shing Lin yoong said...

Hey I am good thank you! I hope your appointment went well. Went swimmingly. Went through it with a smile. Swimmingly smile. Smiles that swim from one lake to another.

I like how specific your poem is.

ShannonAnn said...

I hope all goes well with your hospital appointment. Your poem is beautiful and strong.

SG said...

The strength of spirit underlying this poem is obvious. And yet, there is sadness trapped between lines.
Hope you are doing well now.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

The depth of my breath, it's content of life's verve, increases tenfold when I read your words.
Thanks for giving me this moment and in return I send you the spirit of my strength and positive thoughts. Those that know you and have made contact with you will be with you on this journey. Buena suerte on your visit to the 'ologist'.

SERENA said...

thinking of you sweetie xx

Kenza said...

Hello sweet sweet one! I hope you are back and well from the hospital. Your words are precious... Thank you for sharing so much.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love this battle cry, these warrior words: "I still insist upon the breaking of the dawn". This poet not only exists, she inspires, she lifts us up, she transcends! Beautiful, Shaista.

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