Sunday 25 November 2012


So in other news... I have been started on some new eyedrops, and their side effect is... waitforit... to make my lashes longer!!
But before you explode with the greenest of envy, allow me to point out that I am being started on something else as well. A few months ago I was given two vaccinations - for pneumonia and meningitis. I responded to neither, which has made the immunologists unhappy. So tomorrow I will be hooked up to another IV drip to receive human immunoglobulins. You know how our pooled taxes are supposed to *benefit* us in times of stress and distress? (This is about as political as I am about to get...) So also, intravenous immunoglobulins contain pooled plasma extracted from thousands of blood donors to rescue immune deficient humans. Like me. Some of you donate blood, so I wanted to say thank you. I am to receive it from now until forever, but since there is a world-wide shortage of IVIg, that may not be very long. While I'm hooked up, I may as well make a start on my latest essay...  I'll be in the right place!


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Shaista, may those globules serve you well. And if anyone deserves to have long lashes, it is you. Bat them at every handsome intern - see what happens!

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Igave up on eyelashs a while back. Mine fell out it the one eye because I use those eye drops prescribed by my eye doc for glaucoma prevention or at least to slow its invasion. now I just wink a lot ;-)

Sorry about being drafted and bedded by the IV'ers.

Thinking ad send good spirits your way.

Take care, mi amiga

Lisa said...

You are great Shaista.

Lisa (oceangirl)

Gwen Hollingsworth said...

You are amazing. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

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