Saturday 3 November 2012


Light dances
on the willow tree
Light, that too fleeting
moment of green, heat,

is this autumn light,
this never leave me
stay light,
Gone before you know it

Eyes. Write. Now. This

Today is our anniversary. The day the five Tayabali musketeers arrived in a green village of bridges and set our travel-worn feet inside the house with the lantern and the willow. 
November has such a strange feel to it. There is a glorious arrivingness about autumn, and then suddenly, a sense of something missing, or lost, pervades. The fall of darkness surprises me every year. 
And yet, this is the only month whose leaves make their way into my journal, onto my walls, year after year. 
On Monday, instead of starting school as I did that Monday an eternity ago, I shall be gowned up for another glaucoma operation. I am looking forward to it about as much as I did my first day of school in England! It's general anaesthesia this time, possibly because the Blue Eyed Surgeon doesn't want any more song requests...

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Relyn Lawson said...

The arrivingness of Autumn. Yes. I get that. I fee that. It's in the very air, isn't it?

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

My days are in my trees as the landscape puts on differnt colors and dim lights. Peace, Mary Helen

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Am thinking of you, Shaista, with your never-failing courage and brightness, as you endure yet another trial. May those eyes of yours see Light much more clearly for the rest of your life.

Juniper said...

May the operation go smoothly Shaista. It has been too long since I took time to sit still and take a moment to go online and visit those special blogs I so enjoy. Yours being one one. This poem - 'Suchness' is beautiful. I so enjoy visiting this space of yours and reading your words. Your voice is so clear, bright and familiar. I feel some of the same things about autumn that you do.

Brian Miller said...

i wish you the you face those trials...i am glad though you are grabbing the light you can while it is it with your pen or otherwise to light the coming days...smiles..

Beachanny said...

An appropriate hymn to light as you face a critical operation to expand the light within you - although the light in your spirit seems to guide you through any darkness. Beautiful piece.

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