Saturday 1 January 2011

Hope's Balloon

I am always on the verge
rocking on the edge

heels on pain
and toes on joy

here comes Hope
now watch me fly!

Happy New Year beloveds!!


* said...

Happy New Year, Shaista!!! Love your poem and upbeat spirit.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ha! Shaista, I came online especially to wish you and your family a Happy New Year - and was so happy to find your joyous post. Yes, heels on pain and toes on joy, that is often the way of it. Bless you for being able to access the joy, and for being such a radiant being.Love your rabbit, for the year of the rabbit....may it hop along into your life with nothing but glad tidings, absolutely effective medications and a quelling of the pain-beast-tiger. I have been working on an interview with one of the poets tonight, but soon will go watch some of the festivities on tv. One year ended, a new one beginning, as yet without one single black mark upon fresh snow..........ready to imprint our footprints along new paths.

I so love your writing, and your spirit. Happy New Year, Bright One!

RNSANE said...

May the year to come be as pain free as possible, Shaista. I hope you have days as happy as you make us with your writings.

My New Year's poem is at:

Sara said...


Ruth said...

You balance it beautifully, dear friend. I ask and hope for your heels to be on something much kinder, and may they continue to have wings. Happy Happy New Year to you!

Anya said...

Happy New Year!!
We wish you a joyful life
full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

Hugs Anya

Kareltje =^.^=

Betsie =(^.^)=

ceecee said...

Wishing you the happiest of days ahead, Shaista! I will keep hope in my heart, too.

Lydia said...

Happy New Year, Shaista, and every good wish for a gentle rabbit year. (This ought to be interesting, as I was born in a tiger year and my husband was born in a rabbit year...)

Jo said...

What a lovely poem...!

Happy New Year, Shaista. I haven't had time to visit my favorite bloggers lately, but I will have more time now.

I hope you will be feeling better in the new year.



Lisa said...

Happy New Year sweet Shaista! Your balloon just passed my yard on its way across the world.

pts said...

happy new year! thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog!

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Yes indeed!
Happy New year dearest girl and little sister.

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

What a wonderfully inspiring, motivational poem!

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