Sunday 4 January 2009

The Daisy Chain Poems

Sun baked daisies today
and a pheasant streaks colour in spring
Nearly summer today
and sun and wind are married
in perfect changing harmony.
Shadow cast upon forget-me-nots
blue shade amongst the hyacinths
and forever twitterings in unknown places
carved into cherry and beech.
Cheeky day to keep my lonliness at bay
Airplane roars across the sky
and neighbour's dog responds
and leaping for joy.
Simple ecstasies
in red yellow green and blue
The clock is ticking towards homecoming
I'm missing you...
29 april 1998

Summer breezes through the daisy chain
Ants race between my toes
and the world is a playground
of friendly sun
on a sweet pain free day.
9 april 1998

Pain free hours
sandwiched between the pain -
I am collecting these everyday.
Treats of sunshine and icecream
and a sprinkling of rain.
Beyond the rooftops
a sinking pink
blushing behind the wood
and in the distance the train track
rumbling echoing heaving
beneath its load.
10 april 1998


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