Thursday 1 January 2009

Empty slate

stares back at me expectantly
Hungry slate
has waited patiently...

There is much to say
in a tangled web
energy burns
with a slow glow
to the living world.

I have my own world
a castle built in pain
I am my only prisoner
trapped within the grains
I watch the sand slide
and the sun set
on each tomorrow
I hear the sounds of living
and the pressure
to keep moving
and I step out of the crowd
to hide my sorrow
while the axe grinds
and the clock chimes

but who am I
with the pounding heart
and the tired eyes?

I am
the darkness in the light
clouded in fear
the coward the victim
I am
the shining star
the smiling power
the lover the vision
I control the destiny
that controls me,

I am the pain
and I am the cure
bother me no more -

dec 1997


The Unknowngnome said...

My dear friend Dr.Baishali Mitra listed you as her favorite reading blog in her recent Poets United interview and I understand why; you are most inspiring.

I've spent the morning
reading to sunrise
your present to past
and I have but tears to turn
at the beauty of your words
and the inadequacy of mine.

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