Thursday 22 January 2009

I Bear Witness

Softly, darkness falls
I step into the aching void
of night,
heavy with the memory
of day.
Walls that hear
each careful grudge,
doors that slide
on careless lies,
appear opaque;
but ugliness is never hid
nor sweet deceit concealed.

Truth makes roots in porous soil
and concrete blocks seem planks
that pave a way for falsehood;
The fiery orb
we believe is the sun
may rise slowly
to reveal the moon.

I bear witness
to silence and secrets
unguarded yet furtive;
The warmth of the lap
my head rests on
may tomorrow
turn cold as stone.

Trust no thing
that time may touch
Love all things
that time may not.

july 2002


Muznah said...

its as if, we see the same day but you notice the daylight. Thoughtful poetry, each with intricate expressions, love it.

Best of luck, Shaista

Tess Kincaid said...

"The warmth of the lap
my head rests on
may tomorrow
turn cold as stone."

This is one of my greatest fears.

Jo said...

Love is timeless, and it survives death.

Shaista said...

It is also my greatest fear but knowing I love enough to fear such a thing is my greatest joy.

Unknown said...

how beautifully spoken... and how true...

Savi said...

Dear Shaista,

I was thinking of you and just decided to pay your blog a visit. Hope you are ok. This poem is beautiful but seems a little sadder than usual. (But sadness is beautiful too.)


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