Saturday 17 January 2009

for my Someday Sister, Katie Down

if i may allow myself one brief moment of self-pity
here am i awash with doubt
i look upon the beautiful ones who make me cry
into the sea of injustice
and i have made myself a prisoner tonight

i clutch at freedom but it laughs at me
and slips away
into the particles of light i cannot see

have i not walked the sacred path?
have i not been bathed in love?
have i not talked and danced with angels?
am i not beautiful?

if i allow myself another moment of self-pity
i am a fool...


Infinite Riches said...

Shaista, that is one of the most beautiful of all your poems...even before I spotted that you had posted it 'to me' I was in tears. Now, well, I am hugely moved. I'm not sure how you manage to see everything in such clarity when I so often struggle to get beyond my agonies, but you elevate your thoughts so that they soar through the clouds of pain and confusion, then 'poeticise' them with such eloquence and power. Hmmm. Humbling x

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