Wednesday 21 January 2009

Here Comes the Sun

Young and gifted every morning, here comes the Sun
and even when it rains
We make music in different ways, in silence
and even with silence
I am the love I make, the world I create
and even when I change

Everything that is something, starts slowly
even nothing
I have what I want
even the traps, the pain

With a single touch I can make you mine
even if only for a second
I can catch your eye, I can make you smile
and even if we never meet again
life was good then.


Rustom Davar said...

That’s a beautiful line: “Everything that is something starts slowly/ even nothing”. Things that mean something take time to develop / conversely time brings decay. Healing starts slowly too, just like the rising of the sun or the onset of nothingness. The process of waiting for that sunrise is an interesting feeling, especially when it seems like it may take forever to come.

Unknown said...

this is beautiful.

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