Monday 19 January 2009

Traffic Jam

And here where the cars meet and wait
and people's eyes greet, and speak their thoughts
I am at the turning point.
The cold air chills me slowly;
I am listening carefully to my companion
Who is everywhere that I am
And sometimes a different form.
Glazed behind the window of my mind
I am watching from the tunnel
where the rain falls
and the earth smells free;
I am watching from the traffic
feeling sky and
seeking calm.
Here and there the birds fly
reminding me
this is temporary.
And all along I know this life
Her tomorrows are no sweeter than today
What she wills is that we will
that sweetness come our way.
feb 1999


Jé Maverick said...

I really like this one, Shaista. Great job. :)

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